1. Hiring: Social Communications Trainer

    Are you: a born and bred public speaker, a networker at heart, patient with the proven ability to impart your social media wisdom to groups of all types and a total self-starter? 

    If so, AARP Social Communications is in need of your skills, now! We are hiring a full-time Social Communications Manager who will head up, lay the foundation for and run AARP’s social training program. So if you know the ins and outs of WordPress, can talk us through a click-by-click promoted Twitter campaign over the phone and have a portfolio of kick butt Prezis on Facebook advertising campaigns this just might be the gig for you. 

    You must apply for the job here but also send your resume to us directly at asowens@aarp.org.


    1. Serve as the organization’s primary social media trainer. Develop and execute scalable, enterprise wide social communications and blog curriculum and training program for AARP staff, volunteers and members on platforms including (but not limited to) Wordpress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Yammer, and Spredfast (or other tracking platform). Must be able to present trainings in person (travel to state offices periodically), via Livestream or webinar.
    2. Identify training modules, tracking platforms and influencer measurement tools to effectively reach the organization’s targeted audiences and protect/enhance the AARP brand. 
    3. Working with colleagues across the Association, troubleshoot member service and response issues AARP social platforms.
    4. Develop relationships with platform experts and representatives to ensure close coordination of any changes and /or updates that need to be communicated to AARP social communications and blog teams.
    5. Maintain high credibility with colleagues in Integrated Communications and clients throughout the association and be adept at building teams across disciplines to achieve goals.
    6. Develop and manage collaborative relationships with designated business units and peers across the organization. 
    7. Follow AARP Social Communications Guidelines and serve as an example of best practices in social and digital community engagement.
    8. Make recommendations to the Director„ Social Communications & Strategy for new platforms or tools to achieve AARP’s goals.
    9. Work closely with IC departments to ensure that project deliverables meet client needs and deadlines are met.
    10. Perform other duties as assigned. 


    • Completion of a Bachelor’s Degree, (advanced degree preferred) in marketing communications/public relations or a related discipline and 2-5 years of experience in working on social and/or website/blog platforms. 
    • Previous education or field organizing experience preffered.
    • Demonstrate a understanding of prioritization and management of multiple organizational projects.
    • Possess strong client service orientation and account management skills.
    • Demonstrate excellent understanding of, and ability to work within, organizational politics, networks, and a matrix management system.
    • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills (e.g. listening, negotiating, facilitating, managing conflict, flexibility, etc.).
    • Demonstrate strong working knowledge and understanding of social communications platforms, HTML, blogs, microblogs, mobile, user-generated sites, tracking and analysis platforms etc.
    • Possess excellent writing and oral communication skills for trainings and presentations.

    Click here for more information about the position. 

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    This is what we do when we see stuff like this on Tumblr. 

    This is what we do when we see stuff like this on Tumblr

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Hey girl. According to a 2012 college graduate, no one over 25 should be a social media manager. Let’s reminisce about how smart we were when we were 25. 


    Hey girl. According to a 2012 college graduate, no one over 25 should be a social media manager. Let’s reminisce about how smart we were when we were 25. 

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    Baby boomers, all over your Internets. 

    Boomers have over $3 trillion in disposable income.

    85% of people 50+ use social media, and 32% of social media users are 45+. The majority of 39-75 year olds say the phone and computer are the devices they use the most to communicate with friends and family.

    75% of 39-75 year olds say they use smartphones, and 54% say the computer is the devices they use most often to communicate. Smartphone owners age 55-64 are up 86% to 6.5 million and those age 65+ accounted for 4.4 million, up 127%. Facebook users 55+ grew 10x in the past 3 years. There were 1 million 55+ Facebook users in 2009, compared to 10 million in 2012.

    Boomers are using dating sites more than any other age group — up 39% in the last 3 years. That’s over 4 million members! The No. 2 group? Singles 45 to 54.

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    "According to an eMarketer study released in March, younger Boomers (ages 47 to 55) spent 39.3 hours online per month, and older Boomers (56-65) spent 36.5 hours. A lot of that time was spent buying things. Forrester Research reports that Boomers spent $650 online, on average, over a three-month period in 2010 versus $581 by Gen Xers (aged 35 to

    Read the full post here

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    Our latest report takes a quick but informative look at why Americans use social media:

    Two-thirds of online adults (66%) use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or LinkedIn. These internet users say that connections with family members and friends (both new and old) are…

    We’re seeing similar results when we survey our membership… connecting with family, seeing pics of the grandkids on a real time basis… it’s the gateway for 50+ social. 

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    It’s Never Too Late (to Tweet!!)

    Thanks to the BBC for sharing the story of George Higgs who uses the Internet to write his memoirs, email his family and shop online. His 87 year old gal pal Stella Fawcett is a steadfastly offline. 

    Here he takes time to show her the benefits, including teaching her to tweet. Watch the video here.

    Also, it’s just super sweet!

    For more AARP technology stories, follow us on Twitter at @AARPtech.

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    AARP’s Social Communications Guidelines

    This post is by Tammy Gordon, AARP Senior Advisor for Social Communications.

    At yesterday’s Small Act event, Alison McQuade of Global Giving recommended AARP’s social guidelines as a great template for organizations who are getting started with social media.

    Early on, we worked to get Communications, Legal, Ethics, HR and Brand on the same page about organization and personal use of social media platforms. We wanted our staff to know that we WANTED them to use social networks and communities to further our mission and give them parameters to feel comfortable in what was appropriate to share about their professional work. 

    They were launched in January 2010 and… so far… so good. You can view or download them here. We hope they are helpful for your organization.

    We’ve long thought it would be interesting to host these on our Intranet as a Wiki so that our staff could crowd source recommendations… so, what do you think of them? What would you add or tweak?

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  19. This is a post from Kevin Donnellan, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at AARP.

    At AARP, we’re all about experimenting on different social, mobile and online platforms that help us communicate with our members. On this Tumblr, we’d like to talk to our peers in the communications industry about our members, how they are communicating and how fast they are adapting to new technologies.

    We’ll have the folks from our team that are leading the way address you directly here and share the latest campaigns, communities and tools we’re creating to help people over 50 live their best life.

    So, are people are 50 even online? Check out this little video we put together…

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